Adi Schendel

Adi Schendel

Improve the quality of your procedure

Adi Schendel is an artist and owner of Adi Schendel Academy from Rishon Letsion, Israel. Being a PMU artist in the last 15 years he tells us: “Art has always been in my roots. Permanent make-up and Scalp micropigmentation are, for me, more than art. They are my job, my chance to reach new people, learn from them and experiment with all flavors life can give me”.

Adi Schendel, the micropigmentation artist, has been to numerous international events, exhibitions and he lead many Master Classes all over the world, all the while accepting students who come from many different countries to Israel to learn about scalp micropigmentation.

He is a real pioneer when it comes to permanent make-up and scalp micropigmentation. Adi continues to perfect his technique and he’s drive by a total lack of compromise when it comes to quality and accuracy. His artistic precision combined with his relaxed attitude allows him to have satisfied and happy clients for both scalp micropigmentation procedures, permanent make-up and for microblading procedures.

When we speak about permanent make-up The Academy of Adi Schendel is considered the main source of professional knowledge and experience about techniques in permanent make-up, scalp micropigmentation and microblading. This Academy is led by Adi Schendel himself, his effort, his vision and the variety of techniques he offers to the clients exceeds any expectations. With the information found there his students can build for themselves a strong professional reputation.

Recently Adi Schendel launched his own line of micropigmentation devices and micropigmentation pigments.