Anna Spiewak

Anna Spiewak

Anna Spiewak – International Master Teacher for Permanent Make-up & Microblading

I started my professional career as a state-certified medical beautician , Make up Artist , Eyelash Stylist . For many years I have worked with great passion in the field of pigmentation and have perfected my work during this time. For the professionalization of my permanent make-up and microblading treatments, I visited various congresses and master classes at renowned international PMU stylists during various stays abroad.

I could learn from the world’s best …

Until August 2018 I was still International Master Trainer Instructor of Swiss Color …

At the moment I work as an International Master Teacher and I train pmu artists worldwide in my name.

I am founder and owner of Anna Spiewak International Beauty Academy in Germany…

Founder and administrator of big Facebook Groupe PMU WORK AND PASION EU.

Speaker in several international congresses.

For me, a standstill is still out of the question today. Constant training in this trend-conscious industry is for me the biggest factor for lasting success.

To my students: I pass on all my experience and knowledge, which I have accumulated through many years . With over 100 certificates, I keep on training. My support as a mentor on the path to perfection goes beyond the training hours.”