Brankica Popovic

Brankica Popovic

Natural Microblading

My name is Brankica Popovic, Permanent make up Artist.

I live and work in Belgrade.

My passion for aesthetics and cosmetology began in 2004 when I became a beautician. I wanted to raise my business to a higher level, in 2012. on my way I meet Branko Babic and become his student, then the Royal Artist Phiacademy for Microblading technique. Soon after that I also became an artist of permanent makeup lips, eyeliner, powder brows technique and shading eyeliner. Since 2012, I have attended dozens of trainings, congresses, conferences. The desire to progress, as always, led me only to the goal and knowledge, as this time when I became a member of the jury of Microblading technique Wulop 2020 as well as for Wulop 2021. This does not stop my learning, because
I still strive for constant and intensive education.

I look forward to participating in the big PMU East European Conference, to know you all!