Melinda Gaspar

Melinda Gaspar

Powder Eyebrow
I am Melinda Gáspár, a medical and professional cosmetic tattoo master, and an international PMU trainer. This profession has been my profession for almost ten years, my goal is to be able to do my work at the highest level, not only in Hungary, but also internationally, which I love.
I have a background in porcelain painting, which I studied at the world’s most famous porcelain manufactory in Herend, and I brought this knowledge with me to the PMU profession. Since my childhood, my mother has helped the craft line, who has been one of the outstanding master painters and leaders of the Herend porcelain manufactory for 42 years. Perhaps this knowledge and expertise is reflected in every single hand gesture that is made perfect by precision and accuracy. I tattoo according to my professional makeup skills. BIOTEK of internationally recognized qualityI represent this special profession with permanent makeup and accessories. Makeup tattoos formed the basis of my work, and then I adapted my professional path to the needs of my guests. I come across more and more spoiled, aged cosmetic tattoos, so I started to develop different methods to repair and renovate them.
I place great emphasis on constantly monitoring the novelties of the profession. I represent the profession internationally in many countries, as a lecturer, and as an educator . An important area for me is human medical pigmentation, BIOTEK Medic(medical) line, e.g. tattooing of scars, pigment deficient conditions, surgical scars, rabbit mouth, masking the symptoms of Vitiligo, Leukoderma, Alopecia Totalis with body color. This was the field that really attracted me and in which I feel that I can fill a gap with my work in which there has not been a proper service in Hungary so far. Of course, that doesn’t mean that makeup tattoos have been pushed into the background, and I even tried to transfer my professional knowledge to my tattoos to the maximum. For me, there is a very big art in this profession where all my guests are a real challenge and maybe there is never a moment when I can say that I have mastered everything. Thanks to my constant creativity, I have developed my own unique tattoos, of course my main aspect is naturalness:

“Unseen at first glance”
It’s a real pleasure to help a fellow human being, and if I can contribute to improving the quality of life with the work I do, I’m really grateful I chose this career.