Maja Panić

Maja Panić

Luscious Lips

My dear colleagues, it is a great honor for me to participate in such a great event, the PMU East European Conference.

I am Maja Panić, cosmetologist and micropigmentist. I live and work in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia.

I have been in the world of cosmetology and permanent make-up since 2004. As a permanent make-up artist, I have participated in numerous trainings in the country and abroad.

Exploring the flawless anatomies of the face and skin, all those finest lines and shapes that make one expression special, different, simply beautiful, is my long-standing passion. As a PMU artist, using various micropigmentation techniques, I conquer every millimeter of skin to the perfect shape and shade of lips, eyeliner and eyebrows.

I enjoy every second of my work and celebrate my commitment through a close and honest relationship with clients. Their happy and radiant faces after each treatment become my inspiration and motivation for every new beauty step and challenge!

My other passion is continuous improvement and the need to selflessly share my knowledge and rich experience as a permanent makeup educator.

Welcome to my world – the world of natural beauty and satisfied smiles!

Yours truly,

Maja Panić⚘