Olaf Tabaczynsky

Olaf Tabaczynsky

Eyebrows Antopometry
A challenging position in the area of PMU, make up, styling, image creation, color analysis, fragrance and hair design for companies and individual clients, as well as providing professional training above mentioned. OVER 25 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE and professional classes developed like:
• Spectral Colorimetry Analysis of skin Pigmentation
• Pigmentology
• Shape and outline of eyebrows
• Shape and outline of eyeliners
• Shape and outline of lips
• Butterfly color design

2019. Gdańsk, Poland Amber Eyes International Eyebrows and Lashes Conference and Championship – chairman of the jury, speaker
2019. Warsaw, Poland TOP PMU International PMU Championship – chairman of the jury
2019. Kiev, Ukraine, PMU World Championship and Conference, speaker – subject: „PMU Spectral Colorimetry“
2019. Gdynia, Poland – PMU Gold Conference / PMU Championship – chairman of the jury
2019. Dublin, Ireland PMU – International Conference: „Beauty Mind Conference“, speaker, subject: „Spectral Colorimetry & Pigmentology & Skin Pigmentation in PMU“
2019. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam – International PMU Conference, Masterclass The Best PMU Artists – Subject: „Spectral Colorimetry and Pigmentology in PMU“
2018. Dublin, Ireland- I. PMU Championship 2018 – judge
2018. Riga, Latvia Permanent Makeup Days, speaker – subject: „Spectral Colorimetry and Pigmentology in PMU“
2018. Gdynia, Poland – PMU Gold Conference, speaker – subject: „Spectral Colorimetry and Skin Pigmentation in PMU“
2018. Poznań, Poland – II. International PMU Championship – judge
2017. Sopot, Poland – I. PMU Gala „Permanent Makeup without secrets” „Spectral Colorimetry“, – „Lips Anthropometry“, – „Eyeliner – shape, predrawing and anthropometry“, – „Eyebrows Anthropometry“
2017. Poznań, Poland – I International PMU Championship – judge

2018. – „The Best Polish Visage Creator“, Polish Fashion Academy
2016. – „The Best Polish Visage Creator Polish Fashion Academy
2015. – „The Best Polish Visage Creator Polish Fashion Academy
2000. – Grand Prix – „The Best Polish Creator of Image and Image Consulting“
1999. – „The Best Polish Creator of Make-up and Image Consulting“
1994. – Polish Champion of Professional Make-up and Stylisation
1995. – International Champion of Professional Make-up (World Champion)
2016. – 2018./19. the creator and organiser of Make-up Talent Show By Olaf Tabaczyński, an annual Polish MUA championships; since 2017 affiliated to World Make-Up Championships in Dusseldorf, Germany
CEO – “Maestro” Image Academy – makeup & styling school network – Poznan ́/ Poland,;
o consulting, trainings, presentations of makeup and fashion shows during trade fairs / events; – co-operation with VIP and other over then 300 top companies;
o judge member at international makeup & style championships – Dusseldorf / Germany;
o special makeup services during Elite Model Look, Miss Polonia and Miss Poland beauty contests;
o shows, makeup training sessions, product launch support, quality supervision for other companies;
o makeup, styling, color analysis, choosing methods for fragrance and hair styling – individual consulting;
o creation of professionals training programs for makeup and styling, dress code, savoir vivrevand color;
o new learning systems: Seminar for professionalist, Coach, Part Time, Freelancer;
Cannes Film Festival – Cannes / France
– VIP – celebrity makeup & styling service during the Cannes Film Festival – 4 years;
“Revlon” cosmetics company, London / England
– one of three make up artists assigned in Europe – 5 years;
– make up service at Armani, Versace, Zeo Baldi, MiTu Group and Wella, Kadus fashion shows;
“Sony Entertainment”, Warsaw/Poland
– video clip make up and styling for the Eurovision Song Contests – Malgorzat Ostrowska “ nie uwierze”;
– CD top front picture – Malgorzata Ostrowska – “Instynkt” – body pinting & styling & make up;
University Nicolaus Copernicus, Collegium Medicum, Toruń/Poland
– developing and supervising several didactic and academic programs – 6 years;
– Dermatology & Cosmetic Department; Lecturer in three unique subjects;
Collegium Medicum, Bydgoszcz/Poland
– developing and supervising several didactic and academic programs;
– Dermatology & Cosmetic Department; Lecturer in three unique subjects;
Polish Film Festival in Los Angeles – USA
– volunteer during the organization;
Miss Polonia, Elite Model Look, Miss Poland / Greece / Poland
– makeup service over than 5 years makeup applications;
“RW Photo”, Calgary / Canada
– celebrity make up and styling during the photo sessions;